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La Ronde

This performance is thought as a workshop, and for its realisation, the exhibition’s guests are invited to participate. It is based on the geometrical shape of the circle, a shape used in many traditional Greek dances.
The circle can symbolically be seen as democratic togetherness. Anyone can join the dance, and novices are immediately part of the group.
This workshop deconstructs the dance in two moments : the moment of learning and the moment of dancing. At the very beginning, the participants receive a piece of a white chalk, and they are asked to position themselves in rows and columns. The teacher faces them and asks them to follow his steps, one by one. At each step, they are asked to draw on the floor a circle around their bodies. The learning process slowly becomes a new dance of bodies that perform the same moves, without touching each other. At the end, all the intersecting circles drawn on the floor are the visual representation of the collective movement of these individuals, all striving in the same effort.
To break the authentic form of traditional dance and to impose a frontal learning situation is a way to symbolically represent the manner by which citizenship is lived in our contemporary society.
This performance is meant to questions the meaning of public space and the acceptance of differences and pluralities. It considers the possibility to form a new mode of living together, just like deconstructed movements create a new dance.

Participative performance

Images from the Festival Origines
Ardèche France 2016