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Mobility Project Part 1: Here, There

The material gathered in the setting of an international art residency is the starting point of this documentary, and the title given to it, “Mobility Project”, aims at underlying the privilege that the multi-cultural rhetoric of any art residency implies. The discrepancy between the common belief of the evidence of artists’ mobility, and the reality with which artists originating from non-Western countries are faced becomes clear in the portrait presented in this first part titled “Here, There”. The life of the leading role couple was drastically changed by a political move from their government, and their path altered in an unforeseen way.
More than 30 artists from Australia, Israel, Gaza, Lebanon, Suriname, Norway, Brazil ... present themselves using their usual language of communication, after choosing the framing of their own person. The artistic practices of each of them vary from installation, painting, music, poetry and play-writing. Between their words, the main narration evokes another person whose fuzzy silhouette will only appear in the second half of the video.
Seeking to present the voice of those who don’t fit in, the focus is set on the particular case of this artist couple coming from a country under authoritarian rule, where women are not allowed to sing in public. The freedom they experienced in Europe was nothing but fortunate, since their closely observed actions sparked a series of reaction from the authorities in their home country, and from fear to be put in jail or worse upon their return, they stayed and asked for political asylum. They insisted on participating in this project with the condition of not showing their faces. The possibility of associating one’s own image with one’s own words was then revealed as an indicator of privilege.

HD video, 7'50"