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Flying alphabet

Augury refers both to the practice of divination exerted by priests and to the message sent by the gods, a message has to be deciphered in order to determine the course of action that would satisfy their will. Also known as ornithomancy, the augury originally consisted in observing the song and flight of birds.This practice is rooted in the divination rules, also known as Etrusca disciplina.

(…)“Zeus, however, in heaven alone knows whether or not they will come to a bad end before the marriage takes place.” As he was speaking a bird flew by upon his right hand - a hawk, Apollo’s messenger. It held a dove in its talons, and the feathers, as it tore them off, fell to the ground midway between Telemakhos and the ship. On this Theoklymenos called him apart and caught him by the hand. “Telemakhos,” said he, “that bird did not fly on your right hand without having been sent there by some god. As soon as I saw it I knew it was an omen; it means that you will remain powerful and that there will be no house in the dêmos of Ithaca more royal than your own.”(...)
Homer, The Odyssey – Samuel Butler.

Video processed frame per frame, sale receipt role
Installation, HD 5’20”