• Flying seashells

Flying seashells

Beginning with sounds of planets and comets, and ending by pointing out to the link between the need to control of our habitat, and the need to connect to a specific culture, this audio piece addresses collective narratives, individual story-telling and identity building.
As an answer to an invitation to participate to a radio-project at the Cité Internationale des Arts of Paris, and with 60 minutes at my disposal, I took the opportunity to develop a narration presenting different views of the traditional western culture. Despite all their differences, these traditions operate in the exact same manner in dividing reality into “kingdoms”, conveniently separating humans from all other living species. A reflection on our perception of reality is developed by putting side by side scholars readings, a sound composition, five songs and two audio pieces.

Please contact me if you wish to listen to the audio work.

Audio work | 1 hour
With the contribution of Yan Gi Cheng and Zoe Darling
A radio project initiated by Simone Etter and Rotem Gerstel
Cité Internationale des Arts