• Deafening Utopia
  • Deafening Utopia
  • Deafening Utopia
  • Deafening Utopia

Deafening Utopia

A homage to birds and their impact on our cultural history. Navigating through time, space and urban settings, birds have proven to be at the core of a millennial fascination.

The current course of human’s evolution sees a rapid extinction of all sort of species, from invertebrate to insects, from plants to mammals. The dying out of non-dominant human languages is however seen as more significant. It is as if human’s interaction with its natural environment is a one-way process, as if the disappearance of species isn’t the disappearance of a commonly shared cultural habitat. The classical view of non-humans as being deprived of any cultural behaviour indicates the possessive way with which we consider culture. This classical view is increasingly being challenged by ethologists.
Bird’s songs have influenced not only the production of music, but also the discussion of what any language consists of. Composed of an arrangement of recordings, this visual and sound work cites different cinematographic, musical and poetic creations. The presence and influence that birds’ songs have had over the past, and continue to have over a great majority of civilizations of all time and all over the world dominates. Located in urban space, the emphasis is set on their acoustic presence, and on the subsequent silence that follows the disappearance of different bird species. This silence cries the loss of acoustic beauty and of ignored communication forms.

HD Video | 15'23"
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