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One day, I received a diary my uncle had found among the documents my grandparents left after their passing. It is a factual report of the events the narrator experienced during the four years of the First World War, but it gives very few informations about herself. In my attempt to find out more about her person and her motivation in writing this diary, I realized that the meaning of the words she used was of no help. The only thing left for me was to focus on the manner by which she formed these letters, words and sentences.
The traces her gestures left on the paper are hence considered to be a more genuine indication of who this person was. The line of her story-telling is replicated, and it unfolds on different media, functioning like a path that leads to a yet unknown character.

Installation | Audio work 9'10"
2 drawings 110x70cm:
Indian ink, charcoal and aquarell on Hahnemühler paper
2 animation approx. 9'30" each
4 postcards
Reproduction of the diary